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Story of theSeattle Meditation Center


The SeattleMeditationCenter, a branch of The Dhammakaya Foundation, was founded November 15, 1998. It was with the brilliant vision of the great master monk and president of Dhammakaya Foundation, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo (Phrathepyanmahamuni) to broaden the teaching of Dhammakaya to anyone regardless of their gender or race throughout the world.


The Dhammakaya Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization with a vision to expand the teaching of Dhammakaya and reach out to those who live abroad. With the availability of satellite communication systems and the Internet in the 21st century, it enabled a quick, efficient, and simple way to expand the study of Buddhism to people in different continents. This project was first launched in small town ofAzusa inCalifornia in 1992 where a small house was transformed into the firstCalifornia DhammakayaMediation Temple. This was followed by a Dhammakaya meditation center inNew Jersey. Next was in Chicago, Illinois followed by one in Seattle, Washington and at Atlanta, Georgia. Once the Dhammakaya meditation centers were successfully established, the project expanded at a steady pace with a full support from Phrathepyanmahamuni and Phrabhavanaviriyakhun and their fellow monks. There currently exists at least one meditation center in every state, with a total of fifty Dhammakaya meditation centers in The United States of America.


The Seattle Meditation Center of Washington was built exactly the same time as the Atlanta Meditation Center of Georgia on November 15, 1998. Prior to this establishment, there was a group of local residents that led by Ms. Nuennoi Lepattanapan and her family along with Ms. Pittaya Tisuttiwong organized the religious ceremonies using their homes. Here they showed live broadcast fromDhammakayaTemple in Thailand. They also invited monks from the other Dhammakaya meditation centers in the US to come help teach Dhamma regularly until they gathered more people and asked Phrathepyanmahamuni for a permanent monk with staff.


The main DhammakayaTemplein Thailand responded to the request and sent two knowledgeable and experienced monks to the Seattle Meditation Center. Phra Phayansak Sathinatharo and Phravichai Punnathamo traveled from Thailand to Seattle on November 15, 1998, and began their first religious ceremony in a house located on 852 North East 83rd street, Seattle, Washington; however, Phra Phayansak traveled to Azusa for an important assignment as a head monk of Azusa Meditation Center one year later.


Due to the limitation and the current situations, it was not convenient for Dhammakaya to send additional monks to the Seattle Meditation Center. Phravichai led a faithful group of about 30 people under the guide of the Phrathepyanmahamuni via the satellite TV network. They were able to conduct, participate, and follow up with all important religious ceremonies along with everyone in The Dhammakaya temple in Thailand until today.


Currently, The Dhammakaya Temple of Seattle is located on 21910 44th Avenue West, Mountlake Terrace, Washington98043 after changing its name from The Seattle Meditation Center. People travel from all aroundSeattle and nearby area to celebrate The Dhammakaya Temple of Seattle where they meditate, learn, and participate in religious ceremonies ever on the first Saturday of May 3, 2008.