Benefits of Meditation for Young People

Benefits of Meditation for Students

Have kids in school?  Specially have kids in high school?  Are you a student in school, high school or college and wondering if meditation will benefit you?  Well wonder no longer, meditation is absolutely fantastic for young people and in this article I want to discuss some very interesting research that was conducted on this very topic; benefits of meditation for young people and students.

The study originally was intended to determine the affect of meditation on blood pressure.  Students with high blood pressure were taught meditation and another group, with high blood pressure, were taught how to lower blood pressure, but not taught meditation.  The results were emphatic and clearly demonstrated that meditation significantly reduced blood pressure in all situations.

This study was then expanded to measure the affects of meditation on other aspects of student life, and young people from six different schools were included in the new study.  Here are the findings of this research.

10 Amazing Benefits of Meditation for Students:

  1. Improved Concentration: Students were able to concentrate better and had more mental focus.
  2. Reduced Blood Pressure:  This reduction in blood pressure was regardless of whether the students were facing a stressful situation, like an examination, or not.
  3. Decreased Absenteeism & Tardiness:  In addition, meditation also reduced behavior problems.
  4. Better Grades: Students felt they were doing better with their homework and school work as well.
  5. Improved Interpersonal Relationships:  This included relationships at home, such as with siblings and parents.
  6. More Confidence:  One of the most important qualities to develop for children, students and young adults.
  7. Better Sleep:  The importance of proper sleep in being understood more and more in today’s hectic sleep deprived world.
  8. Headache Relief:  Always a good thing .

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