Meditation Retreat



Teacher: The Buddhist Monks of the Seattle Meditation Center

Location: Seattle Meditation Center (SMC), 21910 44th Avenue West, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043.

Dates: September 11 through 13, 2015



The Seattle Meditation Center is pleased to announce a rare opportunity to practice meditation in a weekend retreat led by monks from the Thai Dhammakaya tradition.

Join us to learn and practice the Dhammakaya meditation technique. Its simplicity and effectiveness have made the Dhammakaya meditation technique greatly cherished in Thailand and quickly gaining practitioners around the world. Dhammakaya meditation is about relaxation, self-discovery, and purification of the mind. As such, the practice of this technique does not conflict with most personal religious beliefs or creeds and can be employed by anyone, regardless of race or religion.

Rediscovered in 1917 by a Thai Buddhist monk, the Most Venerable Phramongkolthepmuni, the Dhammakaya meditation technique finds the center of the body to be the natural home of the mind and inner gateway to enlightenment.  The closer the mind is to its natural home, the closer it is to bliss. This kind of happiness is self-sustained and independent of external circumstances. Dhammakaya is an ancient Indian word that means “body of enlightenment.”

Dhammakaya meditation cleanses the mind. People who meditate regularly become gentler, kinder, and less likely to harm anyone else, either physically or verbally. Anyone who wishes to give up unpleasant habits or to acquire good habits should definitely try Dhammakaya mediation. This spiritual practice enhances all aspects of life, as we live more within the present moment.

Timetable for the Weekend Meditation Retreat:

Friday, 11 September

7:30 pm – Welcome, Health and Safety Briefing

7:45 pm – Introduction of Mentors

8:00 pm – Orientation and Meditation

9.00 pm – Discussion

9:15 pm – Peaceful Sleep


Saturday, 12 September

5:00 am – Wake up

5:30 am – Meditation & Spreading Loving-kindness (30+10 minutes)

6:50 am – Morning Exercise

7:00 am – Breakfast

8:50 am – Prepare to Meditate

9:00 am – Meditation & Dhamma Talk

10:15 am – Coffee break

11:00 am – Lunch

1:20 pm – Prepare to Meditate

1:30 pm – Dhamma Talk & Meditation

3:40 pm – Yoga

4:30 pm – Free time

5:30 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Chanting/Meditation & Dhamma Talk

9:30 pm – Peaceful Sleep


Sunday, 13 September

5:00 am – Wake up

5:30 am – Meditation & Spreading Loving-kindness (30+10 minutes)

6:50 am – Morning Exercise

7:30 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Yoga

9:30 am – Meditation & Dhamma Talk

10:40 am – 5 precepts/Food offering

11:00 am – Lunch

12:30 pm – Break

1:00 pm – Guided Meditation

3:00 pm – Closing Ceremony

4:00 pm – Return Home

*Teaching monks might adjust the Dhamma talk schedule to suit their needs, making the Dhamma talk precede meditation, for instance.



In the retreat house, we have mattresses and pillows, and there are some beds and bunk beds. Please bring your own sleeping bag, blankets, and towels, just in case there are not enough on hand for everyone. Men and women will sleep in separate rooms. Bathroom and shower accommodations are somewhat limited.

*People who cannot stay overnight but want to join in the meditation are welcome to join.



People from all religious backgrounds are welcomed. The minimum age requirement is 18. We request that all participants be in a good state of health, comfortable in simple surroundings, and have a genuine desire to learn and to practice mediation.

Please abstain from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

The Weekend Meditation Retreat is run by the American branch of the Dhammakaya Foundation, which promotes world peace through inner peace.

Registration is open until September 10, 2015. However, places are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. For more information, please contact (425) 608-0096 or e-mail us at


***Apply online through Meetups, call (425) 608-0096, or register when you arrive.

***Registration fee:  Free of charge (We welcome all donations).


What to Bring:

  • Personal item: bathing equipment and towels
  • Personal medication
  • Warm clothing
  • Loose, simple, and comfortable clothing, preferably in white or light colors. Don’t wear revealing clothing or shorts.
  • Individual bottle/flask for water
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Personal sleeping bag and blanket
  • Please do not bring unnecessary valuables or jewelry. Also, please do not bring food, books, radios or computers.


Meditation Cushions:

Meditation cushions are available in the temple. Meditation benches are also available. You may bring your own meditation cushions if you desire. Please request a chair if you need one after your arrival.


Code of Conduct:

Adhere to the five, basic Buddhist precepts:

  1. Abstain from killing. Treat all beings kindly.
  2. Abstain from stealing.
  3. Abstain from sexual misconduct.
  4. Abstain from saying lies or harsh words. Speak truthfully and kindly.
  5. Abstain from taking intoxicants. Keep your mind clear and alert to practice well.